I do what I love because of You! I am who I am because of you all!

We are thrilled that everyone who purchases products from me, knows they are getting a one-of-a-kind item, yes you heard it right. Every item is unique for each of my customers to enjoy. Whether they are purchasing something for them self or for a special someone.

Before I started Genine’s Creations, I would spend time creating items just for enjoyment and/or make something for a friend or family member.

Those that know me….

 know that I have always loved to craft and create. Since I was about 8 years old I have sewn and crafted many different type of things.  I used to watch my mother create and sew, she made my prom dresses in High School and was always doing stitchery herself.  I guess you can say that she was my inspiration. Everything that I made was out of necessity or to make something special for someone for an occasional birthday and/or Christmas.

Creating has been a past time for me, since I was a career woman, was married and was raising a family.  One day, while talking to my husband, he made a comment that I was no longer enjoying my JOB and should considering quitting and doing what I love (ie. Quilting, sewing and working for myself).

Everyone that I have made something for has always said that they love what I make, they would say “you could make and sell this!”  Questions were quite often asked, why was I not doing this for a living.  So as the story goes, I took the “leap of faith” and started creating full time.

When I first started……..

 I was all over the map trying to figure out what people would like, what would sell. Boy was it a struggle.  Questioning every turn; did I make the right decision.  Will I be able to make this business a success?  After a lot of soul searching and prayers, I discovered that I needed to focus on making the things that I enjoyed making, do what inspires me and the styles that I like. 

Always loving the Western theme and cowboy style, since I am married to a cowboy, after all. The western lifestyle is our way.

Through all of this, I started creating my western theme items.   The response to the products that I have been selling have been very comforting, knowing that everyone loves them, which inspires me to continue creating those special items just for you!